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Seminars & Training Materials


Single day, half-day or one-hour lectures (introducing the text) are available for scheduling.


Teaching materials for use in college level accounting and financial management courses are available at no charge to teachers using Nonprofit Accounting & Financial Statements as a text or for sentimental reading.


Small group seminars (10 to 12 participants) are an ideal way to jump-start board, management, and
staff financial literacy. Seminars focus on the four major financial statements of a nonprofit organization: Statement of Activities, Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Cash Flows, and Statement of
Functional Expenses.

Attendees will learn:


1. How the accounting entries and financial statements of a nonprofit organization interact 

         to give a clear picture of the financial health of the organization.


2. All of the accounting words needed to communicate effectively and participate in financial

         decision-making discussions in the organization.

˜˜3. Only the accounting and financial reporting proficiency that is both necessary and relevant,
          leaving all the esoterica to the professionals.

˜˜4. Skills required to satisfy fiduciary duty to the organization, its donors, its clients, the

          community, funding sources, and the Feds.

˜˜...and also, how nonprofit accounting can be fun!

Contact us for more information.

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