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Nonprofit Accounting & Financial Statements: 
Overview for Board, Management and Staff

Revised 2nd Edition with New 2017 Accounting Standards Update. A simple, yet complete (and very readable) 220-page guide to nonprofit accounting and financial statement reporting. Teaches how money enters the organization as donations and grants and then exits the organization as expenses or capital purchases. Shows how nonprofit financial transactions are recorded and how summaries are prepared and presented to stakeholders. No prior accounting knowledge is required. Immensely helpful information made accessible in an informal and witty way. An accounting book that is actually as enjoyable as it is useful!


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A Picture Book of Nonprofit Financial

With New 2017 Accounting Standards Update. A 60-page simple, very readable, visual guide to nonprofit financial statements! No prior accounting knowledge necessary. All in color pictures! Ideal for non-financial board members, managers, and staff. Pared down to the essentials for easy understanding. Companion book to the above text.


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